By sourcing stabilized and value-add apartment properties that have below market rents, we uncover opportunities to improve the property and increase the net operating income over time. With institutional grade underwriting and a conservative approach, we selectively choose our projects.

    Strategically identify moderate interior and exterior renovations and address any deferred maintenance on the property. With these upgrades, we can improve the market value and rents.

    With professional property management, the project is stabilized and performs more consistently and efficiently. Identifying areas of inefficiency and needless expenditures, we also improve the profitability of the asset.

    By acquiring stabilized, income-producing properties, we are able to offer a preferred return to investors paid through quarterly distributions and reported annually on a K-1.

    Liquidating the improved asset within a three to five year period, we return the investment plus profits to our investors.
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    Self-directed IRAs (SDIRAS) or a solo 401k are additional ways to invest.

    Benefits of Multifamily Investing

    Cash Flow: With true ownership of the asset through a Limited Liability Company, investors receive quarterly distributions after all expenses are paid.

    Stability: Multifamily is one of the best performing asset classes within commercial real estate, is less volatile and continues to outperform the S&P 500.

    Tax Benefits: Accelerated depreciation allows our investors to have positive cash flow with lower annual tax implications. In addition, investments can be made using Self-directed IRAs or 401ks. Consult your retirement professional for more information.

    Leverage: Multifamily investment allows for greater leverage because of economies of scale. This can be done strategically and safely.

    Forced Appreciation: Real estate typically appreciates in value over time. Forced appreciation refers to the increase of the real estate asset due to the investors’ actions. This type of appreciation is not influenced by uncontrollable market forces.